• Provide Evidence

    Evidence will be generated demonstrating that agrobiodiversity can help promote healthy diets and strengthen livelihoods
    Photo: Rosana Manólio Soares

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  • Influence Policies

    Policies, programs and markets are needed to support the conservation and sustainable use of agrobiodiversity with nutrition potential.
    Photo: Camila Neves Soares Oliveira

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  • Raise Awareness

    Traditional knowledge and skills are preserved by collecting, sharing, and distributing local varieties through community initiatives
    Photo: Chizuru Seki - Island Food Community of Pohnpei

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  • Case Studies

    Explore projects that are being successfully implemented around the world linking agricultural biodiversity to nutrition and market outcomes.
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About Us

Led by Brazil, Kenya, Sri Lanka and Turkey, the Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition Project aims to improve the conservation and use of agricultural biodiversity for food and nutrition by providing evidence and raising awareness of the nutritional value of this diversity and its importance in food-based approaches to tackle malnutrition.

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The Executive Secretary of the CBD on the Biodiversity for Food and Nutrition Project




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Food and Diets

Using Agricultural Biodiversity
to Improve Nutrition and Health

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